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thebicyclediaries | 1: First post (UK)

1: First post (UK)

Nothing much to report yet as I’m still at home stockpiling energy gels and chamois cream. But here’s a pic of me picking up my trusty steed from the wonderfully generous people at Kona to tide things over. She’s a 2016 model Kona Sutra, and the first to hit these shores. I’ll be test-riding her for the next seven months, and just hope she can bear the terrible load I’ll be inflicting on her – even in my pre-Quadzilla state.


  • Dick J
    Posted at 11:45h, 15 August

    Hi Beccs. Like it. I’ve just read the first Bummel. What a style! A cross between Philip Roth (in the early days), Kurt Vonnegut and Saul Bellow. I’m sorry I’m behind on ‘likes’. I’ll probably read your final blog when you’re safe and sound back in Old Blighty (that’s short for Finsbury Park) and 3 years have elapsed. Apologies again; I was always labelled in school reports a ‘slow reader’. BTW; why is your bike a ‘feminine’? Wouldn’t a sturdy, reliable male be more reassuring. Just kidding! If this reaches you, it’ll be a miracle (or ‘miracle’ as the French say). I just can’t get my head round all this log-in and blog-in and password etc. Good luck. Dick J (alias William Adamson).

    • Rebecca
      Posted at 18:03h, 09 October

      Hello Dick, so sorry for my ridiculously belated response. I’ve actually only just realised I can reply directly to comments here, so we can embrace our luddite-dom together. Very kind words about the blog, thank you! I feel you may have over-egged it a tad – I mean, a Nobel Prize AND Pulitzer winner? – but I’ll accept graciously. Could we throw a Booker in there too, for the sake of the hat-trick? Hope all going well with you and your scribblings. How is the next masterpiece coming along? Hope to hear from you soon. Much love, Bex PS Yes, the bike should really be a boy, all things considered – but it does have a mild psychotic streak, so perhaps that’s what swung it…

  • Andy Plested
    Posted at 12:35h, 09 April

    What an amazing story and brilliant achievement. We thought we were good cycling Lands End John O Groats etc but this makes us feel totally insignificant. I’m not showing my wife because it will give her ideas and at 65 not sure I can do a cross continent ride!!!

    • reol8
      Posted at 10:05h, 09 May

      Thanks so much Andy, and I’m so sorry for the belated reply – I only just saw your comment nestled here. 65 is the new 45, and 45 the new 25, no? I say give it a crack! Though perhaps avoid the tandem – my parents took a tandem trip once, before I was born, and it very nearly scuppered my chance of coming into existence…

      Stay in touch! R

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