I would like to say an absolutely mammoth thank you to the following companies, without which none of this would have been possible. Their generosity in giving to a person about whom they knew almost nothing, who could have been (and arguably is) a complete charlatan, is truly remarkable.

Thank you in particular to Dan Gerhard from Kona, who agreed to provide the beautiful Kona Sutra 2016 barely moments after the email left my outbox. His faith in my endeavour has been a great source of energy and motivation.

I am under no obligation from any of these companies to endorse them or their products, and will do my very best to give an honest view of my experience.


Kona Sutra bicycle, 2016 model
Firelight 250 sleeping bag and G15 Raid tent
Vapour long sleeve zip neck t-shirt
Explorer Eco cargo pant
Kinloch hoody
Vapourlight shorts
Spectrum gilet
Velum GORE-TEX® Active shell pant
Edge 1000
ICM Multitool
ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook
Two Orca 35 waterproof front panniers
Two Orca 45 waterproof rear panniers