UK – France – Switzerland – Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia Herzegovina – Montenegro – Albania – Serbia – Kosovo – Bulgaria – Turkey – Lebanon – Jordan – Egypt – Sudan – Oman – UAE – Iran

Courtesy of my parents, boyfriend and makers of the indomitable ‘YB tracker‘, I have been tagged for the duration of my trip. The device transmits twice a day, at noon and midnight, and there is nowhere to hide — except inside a building, it seems (a minor loophole in the system).


Because of the set times the tracker transmits, the blue blobs do not always accurately reflect my stopping points. Sometimes transmissions occur while I am cycling, so they simply represent a point along my route. Sometimes a destination is not logged at all, due to the tracker’s failure to transmit without a clear view of the sky. So, while the yellow line is a precise representation of my route overall, the blobs are an unreliable log of my destinations along the way.