Cycling the Middle East: the kindness of strangers and the desperation of refugee camps (15 Jan 2016)


I’m very much of the Ranulph Fiennes school of thought: “plod forever” and take one step at a time [read more…]


The virtues (and hardships) of travel journalism (Jan 2016)


Six months ago, I was a full-time journalist in the City, doing a job that I loved [read more…]

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How to cycle from London to Iran – with no training (21 Jan 2016)


Awake at 6am, then 6.15am, then 6.30am. Today’s the day! I try to ignore it, but I know it’s time [read more…]

I biked through Albania. Alone. As a woman. (March 2016)


The road is blocked by goats again. It really is the last straw [read more…]

Britanska novinarka, ki bo na kolesu skušala predstaviti drugo plat Bližnjega vzhoda (Sep 2016)


Britanska novinarka Rebecca Lowe je na posebni misiji [read more…]

Two-hour radio interview with Vision 101.3FM, based in Khartoum, Sudan.

This podcast features Rebecca Lowe, a journalist from London who is cycling around Europe and the Middle East (March 2016)


We join Rebecca in Cairo, Egypt about two thirds of the way through her adventure [read more…]

They drank booze, took drugs and even the police were hospitable’: British woman who cycled through Iran reveals how its people are hugely welcoming… and love to party [read more…]

GoPro film: the final straight.


A video of the final throes of the bummel, entering Tehran (with a flat tyre) at 10pm on Monday 20th June, after an exhausting 160km slog through the desert and three punctures en route. But I made it, calloo callay oh frabjous day!